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We've surfed the web to get some reviews from students of National American University. Of course we cannot republish those reviews but we can give you our general observations.

The admissions and finanical aid advisors received some good reviews from a few students. They are helfpul with creating resumes and getting them out to prospective employers for job seekers.

While some students gave good reviews of the support staff at NAU, others characterized some of them as havint "attitudes" and treat students like they're doing them a favor by allowing them to take classes at their school.

Some students viewed NAU as overcharging for their services and are slow in processing grants and other financial assistance. They are slow to even respond to phone calls and sometimes the only way to talk to them is to show up in person.

Other conclusions from our research:

  • Financial aid at NAU can take up to 4-6 weeks to process
  • NAU is about the middle of the road for cost
  • The campus experience was rated higher than the online experience

NOTE: We didn't find any direct feedback on computer technician related courses or job assistance in Minnesota but we will post it here if/when we do find it.

NAU School locations in Minnesota

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