Finding the Jobs

There are hundreds of websites that will claim to provide you with computer technician job opportunities or contract work. Many of these sites are just trying to get your name and personal information so they can sell it to mailing and recruiting list companies. Be careful and be selective and follow the Quick Tips below.

One of the best places to find computer field service technician job opportunities is Field Solutions. Work orders are posted for you to bid on and, if chosen, perform the work and be paid within 7-10 days of the work being approved. Registration is easy and you perform the work as an independent technician contractor. The work can be anything from a 2 hour event to a month contract or more. So, you can pick up work orders for supplemental income or you can build a computer technician small business to generate a main source of income.

There's no interview or screening. If you're not honest about your qualifications and skill sets, or if your performance is sub standard, word will travel and you won't receive subequent opportunities. On top it, you won't be paid for the job(s) you did perform if the client wasn't satisfied with your work.

Again, there have been several "copycat" sites popping up, claiming to provide technician contract opportunities similar to Field Solutions. Per the testimonial below, Field Solutions remains the best of breed.

"I began working with Field Solutions in August of 2010 and I have done around 40 jobs/projects. I use other companies (or platforms as I call them) like FS to get work but FS, for me, is by far the "Best" platform in so many areas I can't type them on a BlackBerry now.  The jobs I get from you all, the support and timely pay are just a few of the things that set you apart from the rest. I get well over half of all my work from FS when compared with the 3 other platforms I have accepted jobs from. Combined."
Computer Technician Jobsite Quick Tips

  • Never provide credit card or social security number information to sites until you have researched them thoroughly.

  • Be sure the site you register with has a list of their clients and research them to be sure they are reputable clients

  • Find out how much volume of computer technician contract work the site provides annually, i.e. what is the dollar volume & opportunity

  • Find out the geographic coverage of the site, i.e. is their computer technician work in your area

Computer Technician Jobs Available Immediately
How it Works

  • Clients post work orders on the website platform
  • The opportunities range from printer retailer replacement service calls that can be completed in an hour with little or no experience to long term desktop deployments in a campus environment requiring a higher level of experience
  • You log into their website and bid on work that matches your skill set
  • If assigned to a work order you bid on, they notify you by phone or email and you can view all of the details in the work order
  • After you complete the job, you mark the work order complete, the client approves the work order, and you get paid
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We've designed a "best practices" training course that will prepare you to do work through Field Service Platofroms like Field Solutions. This is NOT technical training.
No Resumes, No Interviews, No Experience

  • Jobs are for high profile companies with high profile retail end clients
  • Jobs are posted on platform websites for you to bid as an independent contractor
- you can search by city, state, zipcode to find work iclosest to you
  • Jobs are not full time or part time jobs that take a lot of time
- so they will not interfere with your classes or studies
- most of the jobs are 1-2 hour events
- you can apply for as few or as many as you like
  • Jobs require no resume, no interview, and no experience
- you never meet anyone from the company that hires you for the work
- you are accepted based on your word that you can perform the work
- if you mis-represent yourself, you will not likely get future work - word travels fast
  • Jobs can be simple for starters and more complex for more experienced/skilled technicians
  • Here are some real examples of jobs you will find on these websites
Cash register upgrades at all Starbuck's locations
- 3-4 hours per job
- pay is $100 per site
DVD kiosk upgrades at all Blockbuster kiosks at large supermarket chains
- 30 minutes per kiosk
- pay is $25 per kiosk
Printer swaps at all Jared and Kay Jeweler sites
- 45 minutes per printer
- pay is $35 per site
ATM surveys at all US Bank locations
- 30 minutes per survey
- pay is $25 per survey
Desktop replacements at all VA Hospital locations
- 2-3 weeks per location
- pay is $18-$20/hour
Assist technical leads at all Wal-Mart stores to do POS upgrade
- 8-10 hours per site
- pay is $150-$180 per site