Industry Terms & Definitions
Understand all the common industry jargon, buzzwords, acronyms
Most companies do not require a resume or any experience to be awarded contract work as an independent technician. But, if you perform poorly, word will travel quickly and your reputation will be damaged in the field services community. The material on the pages below is not meant to give you technical training. There are countless services available for technical training. The information provided here will prepare you with industry protocol and code of conduct. It's generally not the technical "stuff" that kills your reputation, it's the failure to display the "soft skills" that separate the bad technicians from the good ones.
Industry Certifications
IMAC vs. Break/Fix
Understanding the differences, nuances and requirements between IMAC and Break/Fix service events
Independent Technician Defined
How the IRS and other governing agencies define an independent contractor vs. employee
Code of Conduct
Legal, Insurance, Taxes, Accounting
As an independent, you need to consider legal, insurance, taxes, billing, and accounting basics
Client Types
There are several different types of companies you will work for as a contractor
Best Practices
Bulleted summary of the best practices in the industry
Independent Field Service Technician Training
Technician Types
Differnet types of technician skill sets, nuances of each
Get Motivated
Motivational material, goal setting basics to ensure your success as independent field services technician
General tips for success as an independent field services technician
Technical Training
Sources for basic level technical training to get you started as an independent field services technician