If you're serious about becoming an independent computer technician or starting a similar business in computer field services, the sky is the limit. Your earning potential is unlimited. But, you're going to have to get organized and set some goals. We have a related website with a section specifically dedicated to goal setting. Take some time and review the material on these pages, particularly the goal setting tools pages.

In other sections of the site, we combine music and lyrics with general motivational theory to make your journey fun and rewarding. After you review the goal setting pages of the site, we recommend you spend some time looking around at some of the other material on the site. We're updating and changing the content every day.

Get Motivated
Index of Articles Related to Goal Setting for Computer
Technician Jobs, Careers, & Business

Financial Freedom as an Independent Contractor

Computer Technician Jobs - No Experience Required

Earn Extra Income as a Computer Technician Through Effective Goal Setting

Create Your Goal Plan & Write It Down

Create a Long Term Goal Plan

Break Long Term Goals Down To Manageable Short Term Goals & Tasks

Create a Goals Road Map

Sync Up Your Goal Plan With Your Value System

Develop a Reward System to Support Your Goal Plan

Performance vs. Outcome Goals

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